Kickstarter Campaign

The story

The idea for Real Times Tables – Make It Stick! posters came about on the back of a toilet door.

Larissa Wiese, owner of Kuraman Creative, noticed two issues with the educational posters she used for her three children – they were ineffective and ugly. Her home started looking like a primary-coloured Comic-Sans inspired creche – and the information was poorly displayed. In order to keep some sort of control over this Crayola inspired explosion, the posters were hung in “hidden” spaces – in the bedrooms and behind the toilet door.

With a lengthy background in infographics displays and a closet fan of neuroscience (and owner of an unnerving amount of books on brain plasticity and Norman Doidge case studies), Larissa could see that the current math posters available could be designed far more effectively, and with a great deal more aesthetic utility. Why can’t educational items look so seductive that they can be displayed near the dining table and the living room reading corners?

Using the research from the YouCubed department at Stanford University in emphasising the importance of visual mathematics, Larissa redesigned traditional times table posters to be an elegant household item that allows the students to see the patterns in timetables by using clear overlays on an A1 poster.

The original product was presented to 65 teachers and friends, and redesigned based on the feedback.

The launch

In a couple of months we will be launching a Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds for the production of the Real Times Tables – Make It Stick! posters. We are so passionate about the effectiveness of this product we are hoping to ‘go big’ for the first production run and therefore keep costs down for the consumers.

Posters themselves may seem like a fairly easy product to get off the ground, but these ones have some complex production issues. Finding A1 PET sheets (the clear layers) that can be fed through an offset printer is very difficult. Most large-scale printers in Australia can only do this digitally rather than offset – which means we are looking at printing on demand costs (think $1500 a product wholesale!) Also, they generally can’t fit A1 PET sheets in a digital printer meaning the charts would be smaller and less useful in a classroom situation.

To produce these as designed we have found a printer that specialises in printing on large A1 PET sheets in Ningbo, China. Consumer costs can be kept down with a minimum production size, so we are going full scale to keep the effectiveness intact.

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Credentials for success

Bendy Brains is an offshoot of Kuraman Creative, a graphic design firm that has been in operation since 2003. We know print. Our latest project – a softcover book by lauded Texan architect Kristina Leigh Wiggins – was launched at Number 1 on within its category and sold out on the first day. It gives residential builders guidance on simplifying the overwhelming decisions they need to make when constructing their own home.

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