Locally-sourced environmentally-friendly polypropylene!

Locally-sourced environmentally-friendly polypropylene? Bring out your party pants Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today.

After much to-ing and fro-ing with China (and slow boats from China to get it here), we’ve decided to source the plastic for the times tables overlays in Australia. The polypropylene is:

+ made locally – 100% Australian
+ made from a by-product of petroleum refining that would normally be burnt off into the atmosphere but is now 100% trapped, reducing carbon emission
+ 100% recyclable with no degradation
+ has no toxic additives (it is so safe you could eat off it – complies with Australian Food Standard 2070-1999 – so teachers, if you have “lickers”…you’re covered); and
+ is created in a plant that recycles 100% of their own waste. I don’t even do that.

Is it more expensive? Yes, yes it is. Is it a better product for you and the world? Indeed. It is a big decision, as it will add about $10 each per product – risking the chance of the Kickstarter not reaching its fundraising goal. But if we talk the talk, we’d better walk the walk.