We do sell our beautiful posters directly to approved retailers at wholesale prices.

Minimum orders

First orders have no minimum order requirement, although if a small order is made, there may be a wait for print-on-demand.

For further orders a minimum order of ten posters is required.

If a custom colour or design is required we can certainly accommodate, but will have to implement a larger minimum print run for those posters.

Shelf space and display

Posters do take up a lot of shelf space to display. As a concession to the size of the product within your shop display, we are happy to provide you with magnetic timber hangers to display the quality art in a premium form. Please let us know when ordering if you have any special needs.

To order

Wholesale order forms for approved retailers will soon be available on this website. Until development is completed, please email info@bendybrains.com to indicate your order. Wholesale prices are 40% off retail prices listed on this website. If in Perth, local delivery included.